I have spent the last 6 years working in different environments building up my knowledge in my chosen fields, I have worked in gyms as a personal trainer/ class instructor, I have been a multi sports coach and taken kids clubs.

I have stepped out my comfort zone and become an activities co-coordinator for both a resident care home and nursing home.  Everything I have put my hand to I have done with passion and excitement, for me it’s not all the about the end goal but the journey you take to get there.


So what am I about?

Well my main aims are to bring the best out of people of all ages, to promote socialization through my classes, to encourage people to live healthier life styles and to make all sessions/classes as fun filled and meaningful as possible.

What do I bring to sessions/classes?

I’m all about energy, enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge. I know it seems like I have just picked out 4 words. However, when you add to that a burning desire to help people and make a difference, it then becomes something much bigger. Something real.  Those are just 4 fours words that I show for each gym session, boot camp, coaching session and mobility classes.